Monday, January 4, 2010

Swat Valley - Switzerland of Pakistan

Swat valley is administratively a district of N.W.F.P. Pakistan. The capital of swat is Saidu sharif. However Mingora and Kalam are the major cities of Swat Valley. It is also known as the Switzerland of Pakistan. Malam Jabba and Oshu is the favorite place of foreign tourists.

Area of Swat is 5,337 km² and the population is about 2 million. It is located just 160 km away from Islamabad. It was totally dissolved in Pakistan in 1969. It is one of the earliest centers of Buddhist religion and Gandhara civilization.
Temperature in summer 10 to 25C
Temperature in winter -15 to 10C

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  1. Swat has been inhabited for over two thousand years. The first inhabitants were settled in well-planned towns. In 327 BC, Alexander the Great fought his way to Odigram and Barikot and stormed their battlements. In Greek accounts these towns have been identified as Ora and Bazira. Around the 2nd century BC, the area was occupied by Buddhists, who were attracted by the peace and serenity of the land.
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