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History of KHUSHAB:
Khushab is a district of Punjab. Khushab is located in between Sargodha and Mianwali near Jhelum River. Khushab has many important projects of PAEC. Johar Abad is districts headquarter. Some of the area of Khushab is the part of Thal desert. Before independence, Khushab was a tehsil of Shahpur district. Name of Khushab is given by Sher Shah Suri. Khushab means pure water.
Ø      Nearby Important and Famous Cities are Sargodha, Mianwali, Bhakher, Jhelum and Jhang.
Ø      Mithtawana, Nowshera, Hadali, Gunjiyal are also famous towns of Khushab.
Ø      Malik, Awan, Tiwana, Baloch are famous tribes of Khushab.

Tomb of Badshahan Khushab

 Wall paper of Tomb
Tehsils of Khushab:
  1. Tehsil Khushab
  2. Tehsil Quaid Abad
  3. Tehsil Noor Pur
  4. Noshehra (Sub Tehsil)

Government Administration of Khushab:
Malik Ghulam Muhammad Tiwana is the District Nazim (Mayor), Malik Atta Ullah is the Naib Nazim, Raja Khuram Shehzad Umar is District Coordination Officer and Abu Bakar Khuda Bakhash PSP is the DPO of Khushab district.

Contact Number, Email and Address of District Nazim:
Address: District Nazim Complex, Jauharabad, Khushab
Telephone#: 0454-920001

Geography of Khushab:
Khushab is the only district of Punjab which have all type of geography i.e. mountains, valleys, lakes, deserts, fertile lands and rivers.

Tourism Spots in KHUSHAB:
*      Soon Valley
*      Sakaser Mountains
*      Ochali Lake
*      Khabbaki Lake
*      Sodhi Jay Wali Lake

Gifts of Khushab:
Dhoda and Pateesa (types of sweets) are very famous sweets of Khushab. There are lots of Dhoda shops of Anwar Dhoda House and Amin Dhoda House among many others.

Universities, Colleges and Institutes in KHUSHAB:
Arid University Khushab Campuss

Schools in KHUSHAB:
*      DPS Khushab
*      Fauji Foundation Khushab

Tanzeem Al Awan and Young Baloch Federation are two well known organizations of Khushab.


  1. its a really funny district having all variations and still the worst in facilities

  2. it is the District having all types of Landforms,Deserts, Flood plains and Mountains.Similarly climate also varies.

  3. i want to see the pic of bones in hammock of hazrat laal shah bukhari in mohallah aheer in khushab..can any1 help??

  4. Yes Khushab Is Great City With Lots Of Nature's Gifts


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