Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Fort Minro is a beautiful tourism spot in Dera Ghazi Khan (Punjab, Pakistan). Its weather is very pleasant all the year. Maximum temperature of Fort Minro never rises than 30 ºC in summer. Fort Minro is famous for all type of flowers and especially Red Roses, livestock, fisheries and forests.

Location of Fort Minro:
Fort Minro is about 85 km away from D.G. Khan and 185km from Multan. Loralai, a city of Balochistan is nearest city from Fort Minro


  1. Fort Miro is famous for flowers like red roses are you sure buddy ? i dn't think so .. i have never ever seen red rose over there ... anyway i just want to say we have really good place but if our politics do care fort Minro is like heaven .. i just love it. nice sharing and love to visit your blog.

  2. My name is younis leghari and i m from fort manro.Fort manroo is the most beautiful place of south punjab.but our elected member donot care it.its temperature in summer is ideal.fort manro,s beauty is natural.we know that british captain manro came here and lived here with family and other soldiers for many years.he liked fort manro,s water,natural beauty and is border of punjab and is the best place for south punjab,s people.they can come here with their families easily.come here and enjoy it,s natural beauty.


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